Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gamer Clash On Location XXI: "A WHAT Burger?"

Broadcasting from a Red Robin restaurant, the fellas discuss the culture and upcoming film of Judge Dredd, Insidious, a Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, 30 Minutes or Less, and Mike's comparison of Perfect Dark to Modern Warfare 2.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gamer Clash On Location XX: "You Won't Like Neckbeard When He's Angry"

The Ivanoff Bros. Return!

Broadcasting from Cici's Pizza Buffet in Chicago, the brothas discuss the Amazing Spiderman, Captain America, the Avengers, the Dark Knight Rises, the Man of Steel, WWE/TNA, Ultimate MVC3, Dead Island and why Christina Hendricks should play Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane.




Monday, April 25, 2011

Gamer Clash Live XIX: "This Face Used To Cash Checks..."

Gamer Clash Live XIX: "This Face Used To Cash Checks..."
Episode ninteen featuring your hosts Simon D.I. and Mike D.I.
...also featuring guests Danielle and Andrew "HipTaco" Taico

Catch the live show every Thursday night at 9:30pm CST right after "the Gamesmen"

Recorded live in Chicago on 4/21/2011
Produced by Simon D. Ivanoff
Cover art created by Simon D. Ivanoff, subject in art Mike D. Ivanoff
Intro Song: "My Name is Skrillex" by Skrillex
Outro Song: "Kill Everybody" by Skrillex


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gamer Clash XIX this Thursday!

Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing return of the Midwest Marvels- Mike D.I. and Simon D.I.- will take place this Thursday, April 17th at 9:30pm CST.

Our buddies at The Gamesmen have been holding down the Thursday Night fort on GamerCorp for about two months now, but now we're back and ready to join 'em in some late-night broadcasting action once again.

With the release of Mortal Kombat IX, the Portal 2 maps for Killing Floor and a revisiting of Marvel vs Capcom 3, Gamer Clash will have tons of video footage here on GamerClash.com for you folks very, very soon.

Also, the details of the Gamer Clash XX contest will be revealed this week, as will the details of the upcoming food-based Gamer Clash spinoff show (title TBA).

Create an account on the site, put some sexy pics on your profile and join us & the Gamesmen this Thursday night ONLY ON GAMERCORP!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RACIST CONTEST II: "Most Racist 'vs' Series Game Idea"

Ladies and gentlemen, after alienating 75% of our multicultural audience with last episode's "Most Racist Video Game" contest, we return with another contest sure to start World War III. 

In honor of Marvel vs Capcom 3, we invite you to send us your most racist "vs series" game idea.  (No racial slurs allowed). 

All entries will be read on Gamer Clash XIX this friday at 9:30pm CST.  Send 'em to gamerclash@gmail.com, you racist bastard!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eat Ship and Die!

So...who knows what game this is? ;)

Anyways, I've been playing it online lately. This is why emulators with Kaillera will always beat Steam. Heheheh.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mugen projects to look forward to this year

As you fans of the podcast know by now (or have known for the past year), I started a fighting game using the Mugen engine that included myself and all my friends using motion capture methods similar to that of the classic Mortal Kombat games. This game was known as Thunder Duelists, or GamerClash The Fighting Game. For the time being it has been put on hold, however..

At some point this year you all can look forward to two separate Mugen projects of mine based on oldschool gaming awesomeness.

The first is Mega Man X - Scrap Metal Arena. A fighting game based on the 16-bit Mega Man and Mega Man X games on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, although with the theme mainly focusing on the X series.

The second project is Pocket Legends DX. This will be a fighting game based on various Gameboy side scrollers, but edited to appear as if they were on a Gameboy Color since most of the source material is from classic GB games. Characters so far include Sonia Belmont and Alucard from Castlevania Legends, Firebrand from Gargoyles Quest, the mech from Battle Unit Zeoth, and several more to come!

For the time being, Pocket Legends DX is a side project, but stay subscribed to my youtube (youtube.com/midsinister) or just frequently visit this website for updates to Scrap Metal Arena!